Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quickbooks Usage and Analytics Study

Has anyone seen the box below pop up when you login to your Quickbooks file?


When you open your company file in Quickbooks 2015 for the first time, the above box will appear. If you use Quickbooks on a regular basis and are used to several boxes popping up at random times, you probably just clicked “Continue” and thought nothing of it. However, once you click “Continue” and go about your daily tasks, you are automatically signed up for this study and Quickbooks is tracking your usage. This box will never appear again. Unfortunately, there is no option to opt-out on this screen.

So what exactly is the Quickbooks Usage & Analytics Study? Intuit states that this study “makes it easier for us to recommend or provide customers with new features and services that are most appropriate for them.” It also “enables us to detect errors and product failures so that the product can be continuously improved.” Intuit claims that the transmission of this data is secure and encrypted, occurs in the background and shouldn’t affect the performance of your computer.

If you are not interested in participating in this study and would like to turn it off, you can go to “Help” across the top menu bar and choose “Quickbooks Usage & Analytics Study” (see image below).  Only the administrator of the company file can turn the study on and off. Once it is turned off, it cannot be turned on again.

A box, similar to the original one that originally appeared upon your first login, will appear and you will have the option to discontinue participation in the study.


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